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Sobre a Nossa Escola

A escola Construindo Seu Clown foi fundada no ano de 2015 por Rafael de Moura, e de lá para cá vem se especializando no uso da palhaçaria aplicada nos mais diversos ambientes.
Nossa formação oferece um método divertido, prático e inovador para quem tem o interesse em aprender sobre educação emocional, comunicação e arte. .

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Play the games for free that are available while you play casino games. It is important to remember that in most casinos there is a certain game that you can play for no cost. These games include demo trickster hearts and instructional games. You can always have your heart out in a free casino slot machine when you know how to play a card game. In numerous casinos around the world today gaming experts and card nominators are employed to design exciting demo games which will entice gaming enthusiasts to try their hands on different types of casino games.

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